From People’s Champion to MVP

The 6’8” enforcer who had only scored five goals in his NHL career, who was voted as captain for the NHL All-Star Game by the fans as a gimmick, didn’t know if he would even go to the game, but he eventually went on to have a weekend that everybody would remember.

When fans first started voting for John Scott for the All-Star game, Scott came out and said, “This is very nice, but I don’t deserve to be an All-Star so stop voting for me.” The votes for Scott kept piling in, however, and he was voted to represent the Arizona Coyotes and the Pacific Division as captain of the All-Star Game.

Scott, who at this point of the season had more penalties than games, was then traded from the Coyotes to the Montreal Canadians. Once Scott got to the Canadians he was immediately sent down to the AHL (minor leagues). After this, the NHL and their commissioner, Gary Bettman, tried to convince Scott to not play in the game. Scott however, decided that he would play. John Scott said in the Player’s Tribune, “I’m not some random person off the street, and I didn’t win a golden ticket to ‘play hockey with the stars.’ I won an internet fan vote, sure. And at some point, without question, it was a joke. It might even finish as a joke. But it didn’t start as one. It started with a very small pool, out of a very small pool, out of the very, very smallest pool of hockey players in the world: NHLers.”

Players and fans were all very supportive about Scott’s decision. Players like future hall of famer Martin St. Louis said, “It’s nice to see the league honor the enforcer and grinder of the league, it’s the hardest position to play.”

When Scott went to Nashville for the All-Star game, he was warmly welcomed by loud ovations from all the fans. During the game, Scott went out and showed the maybe he’s not the best player in the league, but he still has great skills. Scott, in the two twenty minute 3-on-3 games, scored two goals. Scott’s team went on to win the 3-on-3 competition, and after the game, Scott was lifted up on his team’s shoulders as if he was Rudy Ruettiger from Notre Dame. He then went on to win the MVP for the All-Star Game. After the game, Scott went back to the minor leagues, but on the weekend, as the hockey world watched, Scott gave everyone a moment to laugh, a lesson to learn, and a weekend they will not soon forget.

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