Flyers Experience Rough Start, Former Coach Does Not

The NHL season has just begun. There are a few surprises this season already. A few teams are surprising early on and a few teams are disappointing early on. No team has been more of a surprise than the Nashville Predators who have not lost a game in regulation yet. The Nashville Predators and the Washington Capitals are the only two teams without a loss in regulation. There is an explanation for the Nashville Predators’ hot start. Pekka Rinne is healthy, and the team seems to be playing well under former Philadelphia Flyers coach Peter Laviolette.

Another surprise team in the NHL is Ottawa. Ottawa is playing extremely well this year. They are looking like the Ottawa team from the 2013 season. Without Jason Spezza they seem to be having trouble scoring, but their defense and goaltending has so far made up for that. But do not expect them to keep this up if they cannot find a way to score.

So far this season, the two most disappointing teams have been the Philadelphia Flyers and the Colorado Avalanche. The Flyers are coming off a big win against the Penguins, and Giroux and Voracek are starting off the season real well. However, the Flyers’ defense looks very suspect as of right now. The Flyers will have a hard time bouncing back from a bad start like they did last year.

The Colorado Avalanche have no excuse to be playing this poorly. This team is far too talented to keep this up. Expect the Colorado Avalanche to bounce back and have a really good season.

So far this season, no offensive player has been playing as well Tyler Seguin, who has ten points in six games. Another great player this season is Corey Perry. In seven games, Corey Perry has had eight goals. Also, John Tavares is having a really good start with eleven points in seven games. This year expect Tavares to be in contention for the heart trophy. The Islanders are much improved this year and Tavares could lead them to the playoffs.

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