Eastern Intramurals Gear Up For Spring Semester

It’s that time of year again. On Monday, February 3, students of all backgrounds and experiences came together in fellowship for the Spring Intramural Sports Season. Students have formed their teams and received the schedule for the season. Games such as soccer, floor hockey, basketball and volleyball will soon fill our gyms. Intramural sports are a great opportunity for students to form and strengthen friendships, take a break from homework, and to get some good exercise.

While some students come into the season with little to no experience, some are preparing to defend a championship from last season. Sophomore Matt Coyle’s volleyball team did very well last season. Although the team “lost some crucial assets,” Coyle says that “the team is looking very good” and he is “looking to repeat our championship run from last semester.”

But, Coyle is just as excited for the time of friendship and fellowship on the court to begin. In fact, Coyle says, “Because of intramurals, I have formed some of my closest friendships.” Going back to his freshman year, Coyle reflects on his introduction to college intramurals: “Someone in my class I didn’t know very well invited me to play on his team [and] now we are best friends.” This season, Coyle mentioned that they lost some key players. But, he believes that the team has “picked up some great talent.” Freshman and varsity Volleyball player, Rylie Haas, is just one new addition to the team. Rylie says she is “very excited for the season to begin” and “thinks the team is going to do very well.”

Intramurals are a great opportunity for students who cannot commit to the full requirements of a varsity sport at Eastern. They require a significantly less time commitment and have a less formal feel, as the games are typically student run. With minimal commitment and formality, spring intramural sports are a great opportunity for all of Eastern’s students to be active while making some friendships in diverse community along the way.



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