Eastern Golf Opens Strong

Last year the Eastern men’s golf team had a very successful season. This year there are a lot of new faces to the men’s golf team. These players include Andrew O’Brien, Andrew Diferdinando, PJ Schaefer, and Josiah Patterson. O’Brien stated, “It’s been a fun season, where improvement has been my goal.” This is O’Brien’s first ever season playing organized golf.

Andrew Barbin attempts a putt at Pickering Valley.
Andrew Barbin attempts a putt at Pickering Valley. Erica Engle | EU Sports Information
Last season, sophomore Andrew Barbin and junior Ryan Torresin played a huge role in getting the Eagles to a conference championship. This year they both seem to be picking up where they left off. Torresin won Freedom Golfer of The Week on March 30. He also shot a team best 79 at Woodstone. Barbin was close behind him as he shot 82 at Woodstone.

The women’s golf team has also been shooting well this season. The women’s team consistently finishes in the top four in their tournaments. Most recently they finished 3rd at Ledgerock. Even though they had to deal with bad weather throughout this tournament they still managed to finish third. This season players like Melissa Wylie, Kaleigh Boreman, Bianca Scrimali and Sarah Hart have been golfing well to guide the team.

Throughout the rest of the season look for both of these two teams to keep improving. Barbin and Torresin will need to keep up the consistent play in order to possibly lead the men’s golf team to another conference championship. The women’s team will also be looking to add some championship hardware to their resumes. It is certainly an exciting time for golf with the April 25 MAC championships right around the corner.

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