Baseball: For the Love of the Game

Baseball season has begun

Where sons, and dads-

Cheer for fun.

In a cathedral for religious fans

Who Admire those

With farmer tans

The vibrant vertical

Green strands dance

At the feet of the saints

The umpire preaches on fate

It’s either he is out or safe,

So he states

The fragments of hot dogs and beer

Intertwine with slurs

and their obnoxious objective sneers

The pitcher is on the platform

Ignoring the world around him

As he has to per-fect his form

His troops stand behind

With green and brown stains

Avoiding any particular bind

We gawk at these Warriors

Nine inning ignite nerves

But the fans will never stop cheering.

In this cathedral

Fans are reborn

As baseball resurrects once more.

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