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Dorm Room Workout: Insight on staying fit in the midst of a pandemic.

With the COVID-19 gym regulations, it can be difficult to find time to get a workout in, but dorm room workouts can be just as effective and convenient. Since gyms closed, fitness centers and influencers have been posting their at-home routines for anyone to follow along. Gyms have opened up […]

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History Made in the NFL: Women are on both sidelines and the field for the first time in NFL history.

Football is widely considered to be a man’s sport. There are no professional women’s football leagues that are as recognized and esteemed as the NFL, but that doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in the sport or capable of participating in it in some way. Sarah Thomas, for example, has […]

French braids are a game day staple for me as they keep my hair
out of my face and allow for unobstructed vision.
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Inclusion in Athletics: How I navigate playing college softball with a hearing impairment.

Athletes who are hard of hearing playing at the collegiate level are few and far between when you look at universities outside of Gallaudet and RIT, schools whose programs are intrinsically inclusive because of their student population. Thankfully Eastern’s Softball program has adapted and proven that they are willing and […]

NFL players protest during the national anthem
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NFL Week 1: Protests for Social Justice project a united front across the NFL as the season begins.

Pre-Game routines for the NFL will look different this season as more teams join in nationwide protests for social justice. Teams across the NFL recognize the need to protest during the national anthem and game play as part of their effort to demonstrate a united front against injustice in the […]

Pasta, a carbohydrate, is a yummy way to get the nutrients your body needs.
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Fueling the Body: Insight on proper nutrition as a college student they leave behind.

Most students live at home with their parents before coming to college, therefore not everyone has the knowledge of how to properly fuel their bodies when making their own decisions about food. While nutrition for athletes looks a little different, the general principles remain the same. The average person eats […]

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Introducing: Coach Michael Moffitt Jr., Eastern’s new Cross Country, Track and Field Coach

Coach Michael Moffitt Jr. has joined Eastern Athletics as the new head of both Cross Country and Track and Field. Moffitt was born in California but was raised in Marion, Indiana which is about twenty minutes from his alma matter Indiana Wesleyan University. After graduating with degrees in political science […]

Dallas Stars celebrate a goal against the Tampabay Lightnings.
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NHL Stanley Cup Finals: The Stanley Cup Finals Amid Covid-19

The Dallas Stars forced a Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning after winning game 5 in double overtime. The Lightning currently lead the series 3 to 2 going into game six. To win the Stanley Cup team must win four out of seven games. […]

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What Made Maddy Run: A Tragic Truth Surrounding Mental Health in College Athletics

What Made Maddy Run tells the story of Madison Holleran, a New Jersey soccer standout and UPenn track star, whose tragic death in 2014 rocked the country. Written by ESPN journalist, Kate Fagan, the book takes us through Maddy’s life and the private struggles that lead to her suicide in […]

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NHL and MLB Play Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every industry in one way or another, and sports are no exception. Each sport has responded differently, some decided to postpone their season and others decided to create a “bubble” of safety for their players in order to keep playing. The NHL is one of the teams […]

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New Gym Policies: How to Use EU’s fitness center during COVID-19

There have been many changes this semester for students on-campus during the Coronavirus pandemic, and the fitness center is not exempt. New policies and hours of operation have been implemented in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. For this Fall semester, the fitness center will remain open with altered […]