What Burns My Toast… Featuring Cynthia Douyon

1. Group Projects. The objective of a group project is for everyone to work in harmony and the project to come out with everyone’s opinions heard. Though this is the objective of a group project, it is not typically their reality. The reality is that one person nominates themselves as the leader of the group and then everyone ends up following their lead. The slackers just show up, and the over-achiever dictates most of what happens. Even, the project’s grade.

2. Study Lounges on Wednesday Night. I understand it’s a Wednesday night and the opposite sex aren’t allowed to be in your rooms, but let’s try and restrain ourselves of   PDA. And remember, while you’re studying the anatomy of one another, there are people trying to study academics. What a strange concept.

3. Leftover Dishes. As we all know, the Dining Commons is not the roomist place on campus.  Especially since the remodeling – which is a wonder of its own right – empty seats have become more and more of a scarcity. For this reason, I simply cannot understand the mentality which would allow someone to leave their used dishes on a table when they finish their meal. It is common knowledge that a glass, plate or water bottle functions as a place holder of-sorts when left on a table to ward off would-be sitters. So, when certain individuals have the nerve to leave placeholders – especially in the fabled booths – and they don’t plan to return to their seats, thereby needlessly increasing the ever-problematic seating issue, I cannot help but become enraged. Only the calming voice of Bill suffices to cool my anger. Surely, were it not for that wonderful man I would be turning tables much like Christ himself did in the house of his Father.

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