What Burns My Toast…

1. Make up work on snow days. Remember the good old days? When a snow day meant nothing to do but spend all your time sledding and drinking hot chocolate? When you didn’t hear from teachers, meaning there was no work to be done? Ever since the invention of Blackboard, professors have taken liberties in assigning work whenever they want –  including the middle of a beautiful blizzard, which resulted in the cancelation of classes. It seems like not having class means more work for us students. Why do professors do this to us? Why do you make us dread snow days rather than scream for joy at the early morning email? As much as I love snow days, I’m ashamed to admit to my  seven year-old me that I’d rather be in the classroom.

 2. The line to pick up books. The snow days didn’t help the mail room out. Now, instead of the regular craziness which involves book pick-up, they now have two days to make up for being closed due to snow. I can only imagine how many packages accumulated in that small room during the snow fall. We are forced to suffer from this, standing in an incredibly long line in the freezing hallway, all to pick up the books we haven’t been able to read during our snow recess. It’s kind of hard to do the make-up work when your book is trapped inside the mail center. You know it’s bad when the line to pick up books is longer than the line to get into the dinning commons, especially when we’re already two weeks into the semester.

3. WEPA kiosks. So we’ve all been dealing with the new printing system for a while now, but there are still glitches arising. For example, the limited number of kiosks around campus – not convenient for those of us who are rushing to last-minute print before class. Then, there’s the kiosks that don’t even work half the time. How is this helpful? These problems are just a nuisance, and they make me miss free printing all over again.


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