What Burns My Toast…

1. One thing that has really been burning my toast this past week is the burning temperatures. ISN’T IT OCTOBER?? Fall is the best time of year, with the leaves changing color, cute and comfy sweaters with stylish boots, and pumpkin spice flavored everything. What could be better? One thing that this fabulous season should not have up its sleeve is 80-degree weather. I am sick of sweating on my short walks to class, practically getting sunburnt on bare legs that should be relishing solely in long, corduroy pants. Where has my beloved fall gone?

2. Motorcycles in the parking lot. Seriously? As if parking wasn’t already more frustrating than it should be. There is nothing worse than the HUGE let down you experiences after whipping into the always crowded parking lot, thinking that you have found the coveted last spot (oh, and it’s a nice one) only to find that small bike taking up the entire glorious spot. It is incredibly annoying to park on campus as is; now they’re really throwing a wrench into everything. I’m all for motorcycles, but I’m saying that they should get their own, much, much smaller spot.

3. The government shutdown. More importantly, people talking about the government shutdown. I understand that it’s a pressing issue and it’s affecting a lot of people. I understand that people have their own opinions and viewpoints and they are more than excited to share them, but I, frankly, am sick of hearing about it. And it’s only been a few days. Here’s my solution: Congress and Mr. President, figure it out. If you are refusing to do so, refuse also your paycheck, because it is ridiculous that you are still getting paid even though everything is shut down. You should only get paid when you’re doing your job. And doing it well.

4. Smelly washing machines. Do your clothes actually get clean in those things called student washing machines? I would dare to say they don’t. There is nothing grosser to me than placing my clothes into a machine that smells like it was built to grow mold. They worry about our couches growing mold? Why not start with those machines! It would not be a bad idea to have someone come in and give them a really good cleaning. Perhaps then they would effectively clean clothes without that horrid after-smell.


What burns your toast? Tell us!

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