Tips for a Fabulous First Year

     Eastern Class of 2020: Welcome to Eastern University! As we enter a new school year and you, our newest Eagles, showed up on campus for the first time, there are a lot of ideas likely going through your minds. Where is everything on campus? How can I be successful during my time here at Eastern? How can I hear God’s call in my life when I am stressed out? These questions are a few of the many that first-years and transfers often ask. Fear not, new students! With the help from some useful resources, these questions can be answered so that you will have the confidence to enjoy and benefit from  your time here. I have collected advice on four key things that new students might benefit from the most.

     First of all, staying social is a great way to meet people who might have a huge impact in your life. Eric Ly, a sophomore studying psychology, puts the idea of staying social this way: “Being social is a part of self-care, being part of a group of friends who will support you through the journey” [sic].

     Secondly, time management is a big component of college life, especially at a great place like Eastern. For instance, setting a set schedule for every day of the week relieves the pressure when it comes to crunch time.

     “By setting a routine and schedule, you are able to determine what is important, prioritize, as well as determine the items that need to be accomplished more easily,” Andy Lenko, a senior studying music, said. One of the main ingredients to success is to establish these time management skills.

     A third piece of advice is that turning in assignments on time (and only on time) is crucial to your success not only here, but in life as well. Mary Jones, an accounting instructor for the College of Business stresses the importance of this: “Follow directions. If something is due on Tuesday, it’s due on Tuesday. It’s not, ‘I will get it to you on Wednesday,’ or ‘I will get it to you later today.’ If it is due at 10 o’clock, it’s due at 10 o’clock.”

     The fourth suggestion that you can take to heart is remembering who you are, what your purpose is and why you decided to come to this great institution, even if you change your major. As a fellow student, I know what it is like to work hard for something you plan to do and then realize it is not the right thing for you, forcing you to try something else; this experience is totally normal! College is a great place to find the ideal major that you will enjoy for years to come.  Also, you will learn something about yourself that you probably never thought of and use what you learn later in life.

     These suggestions might make you more comfortable as you adjust to the college routine. My prayer is that all of these suggestions will drive you to challenge yourself to be the best that you can be. May God give you the courage needed to sustain yourself as you give your all in everything you do, whether it’s a project or an exam. Amen! Best wishes on a great first semester.

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