The Best Major: An argument for Eastern’s computer science major

By: Caden Coutz

Computer science is one of three majors in the Math Department at Eastern University. When people think about computer science, they think of the classic stereotype. A guy sitting in the dark, staring at a computer all day long. People can also get the impression that a computer scientist, or a student majoring in computer science, is just a “gamer”. Both of these stereotypes can and are found within the field of computer science, but they do not define all computer scientists. When taking a closer look at computer science, you can see that the computer, although the most important tool, is not always the main focal point. Dr. Walter Huddell, a professor of mathematical science has said, “What the telescope is to the astronomer, the computer is to the computer scientist. Like the telescope, the computer is a means by which new universes of interesting problems are revealed.” This major does not just build computer skills, but it also can help a student become a better problem solver.

You might think that people study computer science for the money, but that is not always the case. They study computer science since it will be a large part of the future. If some people are doing it for the money, look on the bright side, they could be wanting to make more money to increase their monthly tithing at church, you never know. 

In the world we live in today, technology is one of the most rapidly growing industries on the market and it is not showing any signs of decline in our future. With that in mind, why would you not want to be a part of one of the largest growing trends in the world, knowing that there will always be jobs out there for computer scientists? A good percentage of those jobs never require any visits to an office, unlike most normal jobs. 

With a computer science degree, the possibilities of the profession increase enormously. You can get into a wide variety of opportunities. If you are a fan of sports, you can become a sports analyst and study the data science behind the sport of your choice. If sports is not your thing but rather gaming, you could be a software developer and develop the next state-of-the-art game. There are jobs out there to help people with computer problems; once you have your degree in computer science, you will be able to help others through their computer problems and then you will be a lifesaver to them, as I am to a lot of other people. 

If I have not convinced you enough, join computer science just for the social aspect of the major. If you are extraverted and do not feel there is anyone like you in the department of your major, come join the most extroverted department at Eastern, the mathematical science department.  We are always accepting new people.

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