Studying the “BIBLE”

      I’ve been going to church my entire life, but the day I stepped inside my Bible class it felt as though I knew nothing. The things that I had learned at church are nothing compared to the things that I am learning now. I was expecting the class to be about how God is great, and how we need to worship him, but it is about so much more. We are learning in depth about everything from God’s disciples to the details of books such as Mark, John, etc.

      At first, I thought the class was difficult because of  all the information, but now I believe that if I put my mind to it, I will definitely understand.  If anyone is having any sort of difficulties with their Bible classes, then they can easily seek out tutoring.

      I am currently getting tutored as it is always good to get the extra help. Also, I am becoming very interested in every bit of information that my professor provides, although at first I felt as though all of the information just went in one ear and out the other. Now I am starting to focus more. My Professor, Dr. Burnette-Bletsch, makes the class interesting, so I am looking forward to learning more.

      So far, I have had an experience with my first test where I thought I was going to fail it. As soon as I got my test, I sat down and started praying to God saying “Lord help me. Guide me and help me choose the right answers.” My brain blanked out when I received the exam because I was very stressed and nervous. I started rolling the chair back and forth because I was getting upset, but God guided me while I was taking the test. I passed with a grade I was not expecting.

      The Bible is not a small book that you can just read and understand all at once. Instead, it is a book that takes time to understand. It is a book that will have you asking all sort of questions. The Bible is the book of life, so enjoy learning and gaining some lessons from it that will help you throughout your life.

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