As winter wanes and spring approaches (according to Punxsutawney Phil), students across campus allow themselves to slowly exit the library and enjoy the spaces on campus that lured most to Eastern in the first place. 

The ponds, the trees, the chirping birds, the squawking geese(?), sun shining onto the fields and into bedroom windows: all bring sounds of the most anticipated season of the year. Spring is the season where students can finally ditch the heavy coat and enjoy the sun on their face. It’s the season where the darkness stays in its place a little longer and the season when students can fill the hill again or even break out their hammocks with a good book. It’s the season where students are filled with hope of another semester almost completed, summer peeking her beautiful face around the corner.

Amid this change, the places on campus to be in the spring are not limited. From study spots in front of Walton and the library to the Grove outside of Sparrowk, there are plenty of places for students to enjoy the sun and relax into the transformation of the world around them. Students scramble for a table on the Walton patio, while others enjoy more secluded spots by the Gate House. All can agree, the warm rays are the perfect boost to finish out the semester strong.

Freshman year, I stumbled upon my (now) favorite hammocking spot for the spring. Tucked into a quiet corner of campus, past the athletic fields and gym, wooden posts jut out of the ground. The sound of trickling water from the nearby stream fills the (mostly) quiet atmosphere while squirrels play in the trees surrounding the spot. In the nearby pond, the turtles have a quiet meeting on a log. 

Nothing is more perfect than a 70 degree day, a good book, laying in a hammock in this specific spot. When there aren’t practices and games happening, this spot serves as a great solace from the hustle and bustle of regular campus life. The trees create a sweet cover from the sun if needed, and the chirping of birds is never tiring. 

The spring lends itself plenty of opportunities to stay in nature. And although it is not quite summer and we still have work to do, I can think of countless spots on campus where you could get the best of both worlds enjoying the breeze while finishing that paper you don’t want to write.

In the number two spot is the Grove outside of Sparrowk. The lights, the picnic tables, the big rocks, the stream and the bridge make the Grove stand out in the rankings of outdoor spots on campus. Recent tree cutdowns trims down the number of perfect hammocking spots, but the stream cutting under the bridge, the round picnic tables and the lights give the Grove a top rating in my mind. Serene, convenient and semi-secluded (down the hill), the spot is the perfect place to be productive while enjoying all the warmth that spring has to offer. 

Last but not least, the Walton patio is a classic spot to do work while hanging out with friends. Breeze rustles the trees and the flags, while people around are chatting and laughing. Friends leave for class and new ones find their ways back onto the stone tables and benches on the patio. The rising temperature brings a newfound warmth, rejuvenating people once more.

The world is a happier place in the spring. Laughter floats through the air, and a gentle calm graces our hearts like a sweet breeze. All is well again. Bring on spring.