Advice for Seniors from Eastern Faculty

“To use an expression of John Paul II, ‘Be not afraid.'”- Christopher Hall, Christian Studies Department

“Contentment is the only antidote to greed.  Heb. 13:5” – Jack Bower, Business Department

“Remember that your degree is an indication that you have become a trained learner, a person capable of investigating and learning effectively on your own.  This is one of the major purposes of a liberal arts education.  Never stop learning or inquiring, about everything!  When we stop learning, we have essentially died.  Learn as much as you can about as much as you can, to the glory of God!” – David Bradstreet, Astronomy and Physics Department

“Make choices that would lead you to say, ‘I’ve lived life well!’ when you’re taking personal-inventory in your late adult years. That starts now!” – Professor Jo Saba, Psychology Department

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