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Logging Off For Now: One student shares why she plans on taking a gap year before continuing her education.

Like many college seniors, the most frequent question I have been asked over this past year is, “what are your plans after graduation?” As innocuous as the intent may be, this question is often loaded with anxiety-inducing expectations and assumptions. Just as going to undergrad has become a seemingly required […]

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Done With Doane: A student shares her experience in Eastern’s on-campus quarantine facility.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the 2020-2021 academic year into one like no other. Between new on-campus visitation policies, zoom and hybrid classes, and required face masks and social distancing, this year has been a challenge to say the least. While most students have been trying their best to […]

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Vaccination Site Opens At KOP Mall: Montgomery County sets up a COVID-19 vaccination site at the mall.

As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming increasingly more available to the general public, Mountain Productions, a Pennsylvania-based staging company, is anticipating a flood of vaccine availability within the next few weeks and has begun to set up a massive vaccination site in King of Prussia to facilitate Montgomery County’s vaccine distribution. […]

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Smoking or Non? A closer look at the COVID-19 vaccine availability list.

As the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming increasingly more available to vulnerable and essential members of our communities, there has been some dispute over who should and should not be included on the prioritized vaccine availability list. States like Pennsylvania and Delaware have expanded the availability list to include “Persons aged […]