Articles written by: Phillip Piper


How I Discovered the Solar Panels on ELC: Eastern is secretly greener than you knew.

By now you have probably at least seen that you have a bill for the spring semester. If you look a little closer at the bill, you will find a section called “fees” and tucked away in there you will find a “Green Energy Fee”. At that point you may […]


An Open Letter to the Eastern Turtles

Dearest Turtles, I’m terribly sorry that I don’t know your names; but then you might not have names. Alas, how am I to know? I don’t even know the proper name for your species, but then I’m sure you don’t know it either and don’t care to, so that’s alright. […]


Following the Money: A look into power and justice in higher education funding.

Recent news that convicted sex-offender Jefferey Epstein quietly donated $1.7 million dollars to M.I.T.’s Media Lab has some people questioning the morality of higher education funding. Joichi Ito, the director of the M.I.T. Media Lab, worked with others to conceal the origin of these funds, making them appear to be […]