Author: Morgan Hess


Childlike Faith

It was an uneventful Saturday afternoon, and I was lounging on a hard wooden chair with my cousin in her dining room. One of her young sons was creating fences on his plate with his vegetables while his little brother, after descending the peak of his high chair with help […]


Gryphon Cafe’s 6 New Spins on Hot Chocolate

I have a confession to make: I gave up chocolate for Lent. Well, I did, and then, one Sunday afternoon, I went to the Gryphon and tried six hot chocolates. I know what you’re thinking: “Six hot chocolates? I take it you’re sinning boldly!” I reasoned that Sundays are not included […]


Music Department Hosts Piano Festival

During the weekend of Feb. 19 to 21, talented young pianists will venture onto Eastern’s campus for the inaugural Eastern University Piano Festival. Last year, the event began as a one-day Piano Day, and this year marks its passage into a two-day affair. Piano faculty member, accomplished pianist, and Artistic […]


Student Artist: Jon McNally

Known as the friendly sports enthusiast who has mastered the art of air drumming, Jon McNally, a music major studying percussion with a math minor, is a man of many gifts. Although he dabbled in piano and violin as a youngster, Jon became a lover of drums through the hit […]


Dance Concert Opens Friday

Artists are not the same breed. I was reminded and grateful of this as I sat down with my old friend, Hope Stebbins, to discuss the upcoming dance concert. A dance enthusiast, her face shone as she described movements and themes from the dance pieces to me, a dance-incompetent musician. […]


Agora Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

On the evening of Nov. 10, droves of interested intellectuals trudged through the persistent rain to the Warner Library atrium, where Dr. RJ Snell presented a lecture titled “Rebuilding the City Upon a Hill,” commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good. The […]


EU Original Musical “Rise” Opens Thursday

“It takes an army,” I quip to myself as I ease open the double doors of the bustling auditorium. The directors, playwright, lyricist, and stage managers bumble around in preparation for the first run-through of “Rise,” an original musical, written and performed by members of the Eastern community. The actors […]


Bringing Fame to God’s Name

Professor Steven Ford’s Journey to Eastern “Many [people] in academics want to go professional, but can’t because of life circumstances. I had the opportunity to do it the other way around.” Steven Ford smiles to himself, recalling the divine peculiarity of his vocation.    A second-year music faculty member, Professor […]