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Introducing: Coach Bing: Coach Bingaman is Eastern’s New Associate Athletic Director For Performance, Health and Wellness

Associate Athletic Director Brian Bingaman recently joined Eastern’s Athletic Program in the midst of COVID-19. Bingaman grew up in Northumberland, Pennsylvania where he grew up playing football, basketball, baseball, and threw shot put before going on to play football at Bloomsburg University. After college Bingaman interned, before becoming a graduate […]

Bullet journaling is growing in popularity due to its cre-
ative individualism where students can design their plan-
ners to what best fits them.
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The Art of Planning: The importance of planning as a college student

Planning looks different for everyone. It can be in the form of a planner, to do list, or Google Calendar. No matter how one organizes their day to day lives, planning is an essential aspect to succeeding in college. One of the first things we are told as freshman is […]

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The Exercise Community: How exercise has been shaped and developed by the Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the shape of all communities over the course of six months. All non-essential businesses closed, including gyms, which largely impacted the exercise community. Many people make their New Year’s resolutions to go to the gym more often, get in shape, or just lead a healthier lifestyle. Gyms […]


Patriots owner in sex trafficking scandal

      For those of you who are about to read this article please be aware that it contains information about sexual assault and sexual offenders, and may be triggering to some people.       Bob Kraft, owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots was charged by Florida’s […]