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Mental Heath Conversations: College Students Struggle with Mental Health during COVID-19

During the fall semester in the midst of the pandemic, many students are struggling to keep their mental health in check. With coping mechanisms removed by community guidelines and restrictions due to COVID-19, the mental health of many students is slipping. Fear, anxiety and depression are heightened by the isolation […]

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Army Vs. Navy; It’s More Than Just a Game: Long standing traditions and rivalries bring together two military branches through competition.

Every year, one of the most talked about College football games of the season is the Army vs. Navy game held in Philadelphia. With a deep-seated rivalry and competitive spirits, students and athletes hail from their universities for an annual showdown. But the army-navy game is way more than just […]

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Eastern Esports: With a strong start to the season in Rocket league, the Eagles are still finding their footing in other competitions.

Esports is unique as they are the few teams able to compete during Covid-19 restrictions due to the ability for their competitions to be held entirely online. Members stream their games while competing against other teams remotely from their home campus in order to maintain social distancing. As the fall […]

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Professional Athletes Weigh In: Current and Retired Pro Athletes endorse their Candidates for the 2020 Election.

In the past, many retired Professional and Olympic Athletes have endorsed presidential candidates including Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson, and Abby Wombach, and the 2020 Election has been no different. Current Professional Athletes in the past have abstained from endorsing any candidate in elections. Many retired athletes have spoken out and […]

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Eastern Athletics Intramurals: Eastern’s Student-Athletes and Coaches Compete in Intramural sports.

Eastern University’s athletics programs have been experiencing an unprecedented year due to Covid-19. With the spring of 2020 seasons ending abruptly to fall seasons being delayed until spring, athletes at Eastern have had their seasons altered in one way or another. In an attempt to keep athletes involved in competitions […]

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Inclusion in Athletics: How I navigate playing college softball with a hearing impairment.

Athletes who are hard of hearing playing at the collegiate level are few and far between when you look at universities outside of Gallaudet and RIT, schools whose programs are intrinsically inclusive because of their student population. Thankfully Eastern’s Softball program has adapted and proven that they are willing and […]