Articles written by: James Davenport


An Unconventional State of The Union

      On Tuesday, Feb. 5th, nearly 47 million people tuned in to watch President Trump give his third State of the Union address. A general feeling of dismay in our government and especially our President has been popular (even more than normal) as of late. However, I think […]


Teresa May Takes a Step Forward on Brexit

      With the proposition of a no-deal and hard Brexit becoming a reality, I think it’s time for us as Americans to catch ourselves up to speed on what is happening concerning Brexit.       Right now the issue is the deal that has recently been approved […]


Gregory Wolfe Comes To Eastern

This past Friday the library was open a little later than usual. Thanks to our wonderful library staff, somewhere around 150 people were crowded into an area in the Warner Library third-floor atrium. But why? Why would there be 150 people in our library on a Friday night? Because this […]