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St. Patrick’s Day: An Irish-American perspective on this holiday that spans both cultures.

Just like 31.5 million Americans, I am of Irish descent—that is roughly one out of ten Americans. But unlike many of those 31.5 million Americans, my family has much more immediate ties to the Emerald Isle (Ireland); both of my Dad’s parents were born in Ireland in the 1920s before […]

President Morales has been forced to flee Bolivia for safe haven in Mexico.

Morales Out: President of Bolivia steps down in wake of election scandal; protests ensue.

On Oct. 20, Bolivia’s capital city of La Paz became engulfed by protests after the election tribunal stopped electronically reporting the running count of the recent election when it looked like the election was going to be a runoff.  24 hours after the pause, they released that the incumbent President […]

President Trump and advisors watch the raid from the War room.

The End of al-Baghdadi: U.S. Special Forces raid kills the leader of ISIS.

On Saturday Oct. 26, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died during a raid on his compound in northwestern Syria. For half a decade, al-Baghdadi has led ISIS and its war of terror across the world, conquering large swaths of Iraq and Syria and with affiliates primarily across Africa. It lost the last […]


Around the World: Syria

The White House has made the decision to pull troops out of Syria As of Oct. 18, the United States forces are moving out of Syria, leaving only a force of 125 soldiers in the south of the country. It is not clear where all of the 1,000 troops being […]