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Adventures Abroad: Eastern Student reflects on a spring break trip to Singapore

This spring break, I returned to Singapore for a short visit. Last summer my family moved there permanently. I had the opportunity to live with them last summer and now to visit them again. While I have a direct purpose to this traveling, aka to smoother my twin 4-year-old brothers […]


Netflix Original Looks at Love and Pain: Why You Should Watch The End of the F***ing World

      Do you know those typical shows about the group of friends who live in nice places where nothing much goes on? The Seinfeld derivatives. Or the hospital with the employees hooking up? Or even the crime dramas? The End of the  F***ing World is not like any […]

EUVB 2017 Season by the Numbers

EUVB 2017 Season by the Numbers

      As a math major, I have a certain affinity for numbers. So when asked to reflect on this year’s volleyball season, I approached the topic in a very calculated way. First, let’s be clear when this season started. It did not start on the first game day […]

EU Volleyball’s Giana Cirulli, pictured here with her younger brothers, reflects on the importance of team play and selflessness.

The Spirit of the Game- Reflections from Giana Cirulli of EU Volleyball

     This past Christmas I decided to take my three-year-old twin brothers shopping for our parents. The last few Christmases had readily turned into everyone watching as my brothers opened gift after gift. They are the youngest (and cutest) of the family, which inevitably meant they were given a […]