Author: Emily Matzinger


Reflection on Nature

This past summer I picked up a small book at a yard sale called “When the Trees Say Nothing,” written by Thomas Merton who was a Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani. The book reads like a journal with entries meditating on his love and wonder of the natural […]


Conservation and Christianity

      For senior and head of Earthkeeper’s club Hannah Horton, being a Christian and a conservationist should go hand in hand. As Wendell Berry, the novelist, environmental activist, and farmer, writes in his short essay, Christianity and the Survival of Creation, “Creation is not in any sense independent […]


Midwifery and Feminism

      For midwife Nancy Hazel, the role of the midwife is to be “centered on the woman and the family, to help them be stronger together after the birth.”       On March 10, Hazel joined a group of Eastern students to present a lecture on the […]


EU Alumna Keeps Music in Education

      Katie Brabham graduated from Eastern in 2011 with a degree in music education. In 2014, Brabham was put in charge of the music department at Bishopville Primary School-Annex in South Carolina. When Brabham first began this position, she was working with the bare minimum, but this didn’t […]


Do Online Classes Jeopardize Our Education?

     Many universities, including Eastern, have begun to replace courses previously offered in person with online classes. There is a certain appeal in being able to take a class accommodated to those with busier schedules, which tends to be most college students. Rather than showing up two to three […]