Author: Elliot Martin


Recycling at Eastern: Policy, Practice, Need

Scandal alert: “Did I just see the housekeeping staff throw the recyclables in with the rest of the trash? Does Eastern even recycle? Have I lived a lie for the past four years of my college career?!” Well, yes and no. Officially, the school does have a pretty comprehensive recycling […]


Deus Caritas Est

Soon, dates will be had and flowers given, chocolates, cards, and cliché verses consumed: Valentine’s Day is almost here. A day to celebrate love, a beautiful thing. And as this time approaches, many will be confronted with loneliness. Not because they do not have dates; no, but because love is […]


Prince Street Cafe

A creative writing piece “The only people for me are the mad ones…” – Jack Kerouac My friends, my brothers: all of us are full of madness. You have seen me grow, from grade school to graduation, and now you watch me wander, from here, from this city, in which […]


What’s Expendable: Finances or Friendship?

Often in our culture today, money takes precedence over relationships. The culture preaches that money will make us happy and that relationships are expendable. This is certainly not the Christian position. Christ tells us that we can serve only one king, either God or Mammon. Further, in the Kingdom of […]


In Defense of Diversity

Response to Dr. Cary’s Lecture,“Chastity Does Not Discriminate” We need to discriminate. Yes, if we are to preserve diversity and difference, and to love each other well, we need to discriminate On September 18, Dr. Cary, a professor of philosophy at Eastern, gave a lecture at the invitation of the […]


Obama Responds to ISIS

Less than a month ago, two American journalists were assassinated in Iraq by the Islamist extremist group IS, or the Islamic State, and since then, the ring of the American battle drums have again been beating to the sound of another military intervention in the Middle East. IS’s assassinations and […]