Author: Danny Pavao


Bladerunner 2049 Revisited

       Blade Runner is a deeply unsettling 1982 sci-fi movie masquerading as a blockbuster action-mystery movie. Every shot, every sound, every idea is built to shake you from what you thought coming in, in the hope that you feel something new on the way out. Set in the […]


Campus Philly and the Barnes Exhibit

      Campus Philly is an organization that partners with businesses and other organizations around the greater Philadelphia area to help local college students fully utilize the amazing area they live in. Part of this greater ongoing effort, Campus Philly hosts “College Nights” at different venues to provide a […]


Scarves- In Memoriam

      In these troubled times, I would like to take a moment out of our busy days to sit down with everyone and discuss something close to my heart: the scarf. A relic left over from the old days, when people didn’t have zippers or jackets and were […]


Renovations: A New Kind of Old?

     Having lived in both Kea and Guffin in back-to-back years, I can safely say that the two oldest dorms on campus were in desperate need of renovations. Now, more than a month into the still-ongoing renovations, I can safely say it still feels in need of renovation. Most […]