Tiger’s Hopeful Return: A look at if the 82-time PGA Tour winner will come back to pro golf.

Who is the golfer tied for the most PGA tour wins? Who has won the Masters Tournament five times, the PGA Championship four times, and the US Open and the British Open both three times? Tiger Woods is the professional golfer to accomplish these feats and many more. But a recent car accident in Los Angeles might be a bit of a set back in Woods’s illustrious career.

Plagued by multiple back injuries and surgeries, Tiger Woods has been sporadic in his ability to play Professional Golf Association tournaments. Having problems with his back again, he was in LA to host the Genesis Invitational, not play in the tournament. He was involved in a single-vehicle crash when his SUV rolled over on Hawthorne Boulevard. Woods
suffered significant damage to his right leg, including open fractures in the upper and lower sections of his leg and shattering injuries to his ankle.

Considering Woods’ previous history with injury (three left knee surgeries, an Achilles tendon injury, and four back surgeries, just to name a few), this injury makes it hard to believe that Woods will ever be able to return to PGA Tour golf again. Woods is now recovering from home, which provides a hopeful outlook on a potential return. However, with the injury list piling up on Tiger Woods’s resume, it’s
tough to see him winning, let alone playing another PGA tournament.

Former PGA golfer and orthopedic doctor, Bill Mallon, expressed that he believes Woods will be able to play golf again. However, he said that it depends on the ardor of his recovery. If Woods keeps up his health and has a productive recovery, he’ll be back on the course swinging a club and reading putts. “And assuming he plays golf again—meaning
he doesn’t get an infection or severe arthritis in that ankle—I think he can return to the Tour,” Mallon said.

Golf fans around the world will continue to follow Tiger’s recovery in hopes that the legendary golfer will be able to get back in the swing of things for the PGA Tour. Now that fans are allowed to spectate at tournaments (at limited capacity), the golf world would love to see a healthy Tiger Woods back in action.

Sources: CNN, Insider, PGA Tour

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