SATIRE: Inflation is a Scam: ​​A satirical take on the country’s rise in prices.

When you go to the store, it can be a shock to see how far prices have gone up over the years. This is a result of inflation. Inflation, according to John Schmidt, an editor for Forbes Advisor, is the gradual increase in prices and the slow decline in purchasing power of dollars over time. It is supposed to help you spend your money so it does not lose its value but what happens when prices become too high and no one can afford anything?

The simple solution is printing more money and keeping prices the same. If companies were to keep their prices the same then the value of the dollar would be the same. Take Venezuela for example. Their inflation rate skyrocketed, Schmidt said, and forced their economy to shut down and their citizens to flee the country. There is no need for a country to have such an economic disaster when inflation is not needed. Print more money, keep prices the same and the United States will be good to go.

Some may say, “we are decreasing the value of money by printing more” but we are already decreasing the value of it with inflation. At least with more money, those who are not able to afford certain things will be able to now because the prices are the same and they have the money to buy it. If we agree to keep the value of money the same, then there will be no decrease in value. Inflation, Dylan Matthews, a writer for Vox, says that it was a self fulfilling prophecy because of the Great Depression. People were worried that it would happen again and demanded higher wages because companies were expecting wages to rise. It was a battle between pricing and it kept getting higher and higher.

Banks raise their prices too high and it causes people to not want to borrow money from the banks. Inflation is a drag to the economy. Print more money and it’ll be better. Everyone will be able to have money and afford things because the prices are the same. People will not have to worry about prices increasing. They are able to go into the store with money they know will be able to pay for the items they want. Inflation seems like it is a positive thing to have in an economy but there have been so many examples in history that show how dangerous inflation can be and that is why we do not need it.

Workers should not have to worry about their wages becoming less with inflation. When inflation is gone, people will not have to worry about whether their wages will be less because of the economy. Inflation is just a social construct that the government has put in place to make us rely on them. When prices are raised too high, people will not be able to afford things. This is why we do away with inflation, print more money and keep prices the same.

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