In the Home Stretch: Ways to push through the last weeks of the Spring semester.

After Easter break, there are only three weeks left of classes before finals season begins. With the news about in-person Commencement ceremonies for the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021, there is a lot to look forward to at the end of this year. For some, the break may have invigorated them so they’re ready to tackle the rest of the semester head on, and for others, the break may not have felt long enough. Regardless, here are some ways to keep moving forward for these last few weeks of the semester.

Work may be piling up at this point in the semester in preparation for final papers and exams, so take a look at your syllabi for the rest of the semester. What big projects do you have coming up and when are they due? Take a little bit of time and make a tentative plan for when you can work on these projects little by little, dividing them up into smaller tasks to work on every day or every other day. Writing out all of your assignments now can help you manage your time more wisely. Though the urge to procrastinate is almost inescapable at times, having some sort of breakdown of steps for bigger projects and papers can maybe lessen it a bit.

Along those same lines, if you find yourself struggling with understanding certain topics, planning out papers, or managing stress in these last few weeks, reach out to CCAS to make an appointment with a peer tutor, a writing tutor, or a counselor. All are more than willing to help you process whatever is causing you stress and hopefully leave you feeling more confident, accomplished, and at peace than when you came in. Many of these appointments can be held online as well, so you can get help for whatever you need from the comfort of your own room.

Of course it is also incredibly important to spend time with friends in the midst of all of the schoolwork. Enjoy the nice weather of spring and purposefully set aside time to go on
walks or hikes with friends, rejuvenating yourselves outdoors and taking your mind off of the stress and pressure of the school day even for a little while.

The end of the semester is also a really great time to talk to your professors and get more involved in your department or program. Chances are, there will be plenty more events at the end of the year for each academic program, and going to these events can be a great chance to meet others with similar interests or to network, especially for graduating seniors who may also be looking for post-grad jobs.

Lastly, remember that we are all in this together. If you are really struggling these last few weeks, reach out to others and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. By working together and leaning on each other, we will make it out of this semester stronger.

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