Miley Cyrus’s angsty rebellion continues with new album Bangerz

Miley Cyrus’ new album entitled “Bangerz” is nothing like the old Hannah Montana that occupied so many of her years. The album contains shocking lyrics, club beats, several featured artists, yet the same talented Cyrus. Although many of the songs appalled me and left me speechless, I can’t help but say her voice sounds great. She displays her range in many of the slower songs, incorporating beats into ballads.

The album begins with one of Cyrus’ slower songs entitled “Adore You.” She whines a lot of the lyrics, making words difficult to understand. The beat is catchy, although by the end of the song, it becomes annoyingly continuous. You’ll find yourself asking, “Is this giving me a headache?” The song seems like a strange choice to begin the album with. It is quickly followed by “We Can’t Stop,” a song that everyone has heard probably too many times. It was hard to listen to the song without thinking of the shocking music video that accompanies it. This song, however, is just the first to contain the lyrics that will shock listeners the whole way through the album. So if you enjoyed this bizarre, club anthem, then get ready for more.

The album featured four artists including Brittany Spears, Big Sean, Nelly, and Future. (Who is Future, you’re wondering? I had no idea, either.) Spears paired up with Cyrus in the third track, entitled SMS (a.k.a. “Struttin’ My Stuff”), which sounds grungy, leaving me disappointed by Spear’s never-ending failed attempts at comebacks. (I, personally, have been pulling for Brittany all along.) The other songs featuring male artists hardly contained their voices at all, yet another disappointment. The song titled “My Darlin’” featuring Future was a strange collaboration. Although they continually echoed the words “Stand by me,” which is reminiscent of other songs that are well-loved, the auto-tuned voice of Future ruined it. The song featuring Nelly titled “4X4” also had a strange sound, like a mix between salsa music and country. Overall, I would say that the collaborations on this album were sub-par. They left me confused and wishing I had stopped before I even started.

If you are a fan of her latest hit “Wrecking Ball,” you’ll also enjoy several of her other ballad break up songs. As she wails with angst against the boy who walked out with her heart, the background beat will have you wanting to dance and head bang along with her. Songs like “Someone Else,” “Drive,” and “Maybe You’re Right” show off Cyrus’ voice as she slows it down to release some anger. Whether these songs were meant for Liam Hemsworth or not, they’ll have you wanting to hop in your car and drive as you belt the lyrics along with her.

If you would rather not hear the more shocking lyrics that Cyrus is brave enough to sing, avoid the tracks entitled “Do My Thang,” “Get It Right,” and “FU” (although “FU” isn’t as inappropriate as one would initially assume). These tracks, particularly “Get It Right” left my jaw on the floor as I sat there thinking, Did she really just say that? These song, although they have great dance beats, contain vulgar, sexual messages that shouldn’t surprise listeners if they’ve seen her latest music videos.

The Cyrus that is seen on this year’s VMA’s with Robin Thicke wearing nothing but a nude leotard is the Cyrus you will hear on this album. Overall, the songs are relatively short, none lasting no more than five minutes. Often at the end of a song, I was left sitting there, unable to figure out what I had just heard. The lyrics were either too fast, leaving me confused, or too crude, leaving me not wanting to understand the actual message behind the songs.

If you’re looking for great songs to jam out to or dance in the club to, Cyrus nailed it. If you’re looking for a great breakup song full of angst, she nailed that too. Her talent shines through in almost all the songs, regardless of the words or messages. If, however, you’re looking to hear songs with depth and soul, look somewhere else.

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