Art Club Review

Do you like art? Have you ever held a pencil? Do you enjoy fun things? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have a spectacular opportunity for you: the Eastern University Art Club!                                        Every Tuesday, students flock to Gough Great Room from 8 to 11 p.m. to create, hang out, and de-stress. According to club president Meg Gleason, there is “no talent required” for Art Club, and anyone and everyone is welcome to join. A big part of the club’s appeal is its flexible nature; all supplies are SGA-funded, and there is a plethora of fun and creative artistic materials available for anyone to use. Currently, the most popular activity at Art Club is painting on canvas, but artists can also draw, make crafts, take pictures, use pastels, use charcoal, make origami, sculpt, etc. The student leadership in the Art Club is extremely open to suggestions and takes requests for the supplies students would like.

The Art Club simply strives to “provide a creative community for artists on campus,” according to treasurer Elizabeth Gasse. In the past, the club has held various events such as a comic-making competition, and they hope to hold a Mixed Media competition in the near future to encourage students to explore their artistic interests further. The Art Club’s presence can currently be noted in the art displayed in the KaGe, as well as in the good vibes that permeate Gough every Tuesday night. During Art Club students can sit at a table or sprawl on the floor, and just escape from the stresses of college life through their art.

One student described the Art Club as the “highlight of my week,” and another described it as being “really nice- it’s good to be able to express yourself.” Even newcomers rave about how they feel extremely welcome (“everybody is relaxed”). Another student remarked that they love having “complete free reign,” and that they were pleasantly surprised to find out that Art Club was definitely “not just Sunday School crafts.”

The Art Club is comprised of friendly, warm people who love to get together every week to relax and just be creative, but they are always welcoming new members or students who would just like to see what it is all about. The main goal of the club is to foster a comfortable space where students can enjoy different art forms together, learning and growing as artists. If this sounds like the kind of creative space you’ve been missing, or if you are merely looking for a new way to relieve stress or make some new friends, email Meg Gleason ( or Elizabeth Gasse ( with any questions, or just stop by Gough Great Room next Tuesday between 8 and 11 p.m. and check out one of Eastern’s coolest hidden gems!

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