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The battle between books and movies

Pro (Beth Dahlstrom) The only thing better than a movie is a movie based on a book, and there are plenty of advantages to transforming a book into a triumph of the cinema. Every reader can experience something a little larger than pages and ink, while moviegoers can find the […]

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What boils my egg

Even though I constantly keep a concentration on the pressing matters of society, I often find my mind wandering away into the less important subject matters. So, let’s see where my mind has wandered off to today… You know what really boils my egg? Knuckle cracking. Huh, my mind really […]

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Sundays at Sodexo

 Despite the constant gripes and whining from most students, Sodexo is actually pretty good. Students are provided with a constantly changing menu, a wide variety of food to choose from at each meal and consistently friendly service. However, there’s one little thing Sodexo does that is bothersome. Sodexo does not […]