What Gets My Goat

1. Path crossing ettiquette (or a lack thereof). You know this situation all too well. You are walking alone down an open path in the middle of the day and someone else is walking toward you. You realize the inevitable: you are going to have to pass each other very soon. The increasing proximity to this person becomes parallel with your growing anxiety. ‘Should I ignore them?’ ‘This is incredibly awkward’. ‘Should I smile or say “hello” as if I am a normal human being?’ ‘Oh no! We just made eye contact and now I have to do something!’ Here’s an idea for next time: run up and give everybody you pass a big hug.

2. Being ridiculed for doing homework on a Friday or Saturday night. Yes, it is optimal to have a bit of fun, relaxation and mental rest over the weekend. However, not only are you a member of the “playgroup” of college life, but you are also a student. You are paying for an education. You can have fun on weekends elsewhere without paying thousands of dollars each year to do so. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice an evening of pleasure and fine dining (Chipotle, most likely) in order to focus on your studies. You and your friends have different study habits and that is okay. Do not pressure one another either way. After all, you will find out that you are not so different in a few years (maybe sooner) when the great equalizer of crushing debt comes to find you.

3. RECEIVING TEXT MESSAGES FROM FAMILY MEMBERS WHO CLEARLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TYPE THEM. u know this problem, 4 real. idk how many times I look at mi fone to find a txt from my mothr with an odd mssg or something of that nature LOL. Learn 2 txt, pre-millenials!

4. You’re in the middle of a tough assignment, hand-cramped and head aching from a hard day of writing. And you hear it, a sharp buzzing that resonates throughout the room. Throughout your already-pouding brain. You’ve heard this sound before: the library’s about to close and those front doors are going to lock you out soon enough. But…but…you’re stammering to yourself, hopelessly realizing that at 5 pm on Saturday your roommate has his weekly bagpipe practice with a couple of friends. You’re homework homeless, having no place to crack-down and get some work done on a Saturday night. Now, I understand that the library can’t stay open forever, but 5 pm? Really? I’m going to have nightmares about the sharp chime reminding me that my papers will never get done.

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