What Burns My Toast…

1. Asking us to go home, then expecting us to be back hours later. It’s not a surprise to anyone that this entire snow/ice storm has caused intense amounts of stress. And it’s no secret that carefree snow days are long over. When the dorms were beginning to feel the chill sans electricity, students were informed that they may go home. Who wouldn’t jump on that opportunity? Who would choose a cold dorm with no hot water and (perhaps more importantly) no internet connection over a hot shower, a hot meal and their own bed? The thought that power wouldn’t return for days was quickly dismissed when mere hours after the mass exodus, it did just that. Sorry to the students who traveled home, only to turn right back around. We should have known this was too good to be true.

2. Hour by hour cancellations…via email. The suspense is torture. How can I plan to procrastinate when I’m told only every few hours the latest cancellations? Can they just do us all a favor and wipe the whole day out? We understand that we must meet certain credit hours. But the painful refreshing of Eaglemail every ten minutes to see any updates is not worth the stress.

3. Every feeling related to Valentine’s Day. It’s always the same, every year. Couples plan these big, extravagant dates and spend tons of money, simply to prove they love one another. All the while, single people sit on, pretending that they’re great with being alone, but their secret glares are more obvious than they think. Whether people have a big date or have no plans at all, I hear constant complaining.  My big question: Why can’t we just be content with what we have and where we are? Valentine’s Day is the biggest test of worldy happiness. Most of us fail. Perhaps we should turn from our selfish ways and focus on how to better care for people around us on this day all about love?

4. People who deface snowmen. During the winter blizzard that has overcome our campus, people have taken the time to construct adorable snowmen. Whether they built them during a study break or perhaps procrastination, it doesn’t make a difference. They took time to brave the cold and create something adorable, something that brings us back to the happy snow days of our youth. What did the snowman ever do to you? Just because you have an issue with Frosty, doesn’t mean you get to take that joy away from the rest of us.

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