New Furniture, New Frustrations?

From new tables, to the fresh and lively walls, Walton Dining Commons has been one of the most discussed topics on campus, and for good reason.  The dining commons needed some freshening up because, as one of my peers states, “It simply doesn’t feel like a college cafeteria.” The most prominent feature of this change is the furniture: new tables, both rectangular and circular. And for those of you that may not look at your feet that often (I had to have someone else point it out to me), there’s new carpet! This little detail would’ve gone unnoticed amongst people meeting up with friends, eating Sodexo’s food and enjoying each other’s company, but with such a drastic imporvement over its dirtier model, the new carpet is quite noticeable.

Is every change a good change though?  I’ve heard numerous complaints about the new setup, from not knowing where things are located to not being able to find friends.  The chaos can be evident with people spending an exorbitant amount of energy and time searching for a free table.  As a side note, the salad bar is NOT in the room’s center anymore, contrary to the belief of many who search aimlessly for the rich and vital nutrition of lettuce.  It’s now on the wall opposite the entrance, for anyone that’s still searching.  Some positive commentary on the revamping from various students: “It’s nice and fresh”, and “There’s a lot more room.”  On the negative side: “They got rid of the original panini press”, or “It’s really hard to find people.”  I can understand the annoyance when my paninis are sub-par (which they supposedly are…).

My overall view of the revamping is one of contentment and coming excitement, seeing as there are going to be some very fun changes coming in the near future.  I’ve heard rumors of barstools and a set of booths that will be available in the near future. In addition to all of this change, there has been a new supervisor added to the Sodexo staff: Matthew Moser. Make sure to greet him and the new changes with warmth and welcome.


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