Do Not Fear

As the semester progresses, we are probably undergoing stress from multiple factors, and as Christians, we should turn to God. Some Christians like to blame God for their stressful moments, but our faith calls us to change this perspective.

Prayer and talking with God can aid in viewing stressful situations in a different light. Because God is omniscient, He is already aware of your worries, and He is open to us discussing it with Him. Philippians 4:6 reads, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (New International Version). In prayer, Christians can ask God to help them see the deep significance behind the stressful circumstances, and ultimately have a positive outlook about them.

The Lord does not want us to deny our feelings of anger and sadness in such situations. Rather, He wants us to ask questions. Some Christians believe it is wrong to question God, yet it is in the context of questions that Christians need to be mindful of. Instead of asking “why” questions which tend to over-analyze a situation, try asking “how” questions which focus on the future. To note, when Christians are open to asking such questions it is a sign that they are searching for God. Laura J. Bagby from Christian Broadcasting Network claims that “there is a significant difference between questioning that brings wisdom and a fuller understanding of God and the kind of questioning that simply seeks to validate man and man’s ways.”

Turning to God during difficult times also involves giving control of the situation over to God. This means that Christians strive to always do their best through a positive attitude and trust in the Lord. No, it is not always easy to turn the situation over to God, but with sincere reflection, a Christian can be able to say, “Lord, I hand this over to you.”

Likewise, stressed Christians who seek God must remember two important factors about faith. First, remember that God never gives His believers more than they can handle. Sometimes it feels as though the challenges Christians face are horrific and unbearable, but the Lord can and will encourage Christians through challenges. When Christians are conscious of this, they are able to develop spiritual character because they are building resistance against believing that they do not have the power to handle the situation.

Second, Christians must remember that everything in their life has a purpose. This outlook is uplifting because the knowledge that an experience, no matter how horrific, is meaningful giving Christians a healthy perspective. Also, when a fellow believer has a similar situation they can assist one another.

Giving thanks to God during such trying times is essential to these techniques because God is present during both wonderful and discouraging moments. Some Christians think that struggles are evidence of a lack of faith. But, if a Christian does not experience pain there would be no room for God’s redemptive grace.

Looking to God in stress requires changing how we view questions and spiritual challenges. Also, Christians must not forget that their strength is grounded in the Lord’s strength, and because of this, the Lord has a deep understanding of our struggles. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. John 14:27 reads, “do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (New International Version).

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