Christmas in November: Did the holiday season come too early this year?

       Has anyone else been getting the sneaky suspicion that Christmas is running a holiday takeover campaign? Have you ever been to the mall and wondered what Holiday Is really coming next, to find out that christmas is the only one people care about this year? I am a firm believer that every holiday has its importance and thus deserves at least more than the 10 minutes allotted for it this year.

      Christmas has been a big holiday in the Us for several generations. The lights, the decorations, the presents, and the family. It is a time that people come together at a specific time of year and celebrate the birth of Jesus, or, if one is not Christian, having the joy of family or those they have chosen to be family. This day is the same day every year, December 25.

      People always look forward to the end of the year being when the holiday comes about. It signifies the end of the year and another year to come. Unfortunately, as the years go by, Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. This year, I noticed decorations up around town even before Halloween, this year they were quite prevalent at our local consumer mecca, aka the mall. Last year they had decorations up after Halloween, but before Thanksgiving which was already erasing a very important event for the holiday season.

      Doing this takes away from the fundamental point of what Christmas was supposed to be about. The more that consumerism decides to try and make Christmas about commercialism and less about the joy and love of the year then the more the newer generation loses the importance of the holiday. I firmly believe that Christmas should be during December and celebrated on December 25, not the day after Thanksgiving when I am just processing how much stuffing I had to eat in one sitting and even before. It needs to become less about the super early Black Friday sales, and Christmas merchandise. Imagine if all that time and energy was spent on creating something like memories that would last?

      This question is not one that people consider anymore. As the years have gone by these things have become less important. Perhaps this year people should take a moment and consider what Christmas means to them and how they can change their mindset for the better. I believe that the true purpose for Christmas would be rejuvenated. I know this year I’m going to let my Christmas be more about celebrating memories.

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