Palmer Sem. To move to St. Davids

In February of 2013, the Eastern University Board of Trustees tasked a sub-committee with the selection of a new home for Palmer Theological Seminary. Members included Tom Ridington (Chair), Paul Alexander, Willette Burgie-Bryant, Jeffrey Gromis, Pernell Jones, Loida Martell-Otero, Tiffany Murphy, and Stella Orbina. These members carefully researched and considered several crucial factors through the processes of community engagement, market research, scenario modeling, site-option analysis, surveys, and interviews. They sought a path for Palmer that would most benefit its students, and considered factors ranging from tuition to commute time, and from engagement with the Eastern University CCAS student body to housing options.

Having considered these factors for more than two years, and having received affirmation from both the Board and the President’s office, the committee has reached a decision. Two weeks ago, academic provost Keith Iddings made public this impending change: the hub of Palmer operations will be relocated to the Saint David’s campus at Eastern University. However, Palmer still plans to offer classes and degrees outside St. Davids in urban, rural, and online settings.   

Pending approval from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, changes will take place during the summer of 2016. Until then, Eastern University prayerfully looks forward to the greater integration of its programs and students, and the growth that will occur therein.

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