Justice Scalia Dies at 79

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia died on Feb. 13 in West Texas. He attended a private party at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, south of Marfa, Tx and died of a natural cause. His death has left an empty seat on the Supreme Court bench, which President Obama is attempting to fill. The President is the only one who can nominate a new Justice. With this said, who to nominate has become a tough decision for Obama, because Republicans from the House of Representatives and part of the Senate Judiciary Committee have decided to refuse to vote on any of his nominations, leaving the decision to the next President. However, Obama is proceeding with nominations. There has been a rumor that he has decided to pick California Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar.

According to CNN, “President Ronald Reagan chose Antonin Scalia precisely because of his conservative views, just as President George W. Bush selected John Roberts and Samuel Alito for exactly that reason.” It is likely that a new republican President would do the same. It is also likely that Obama will pick candidates for their more liberal views, and it is certain that a future Democratic President would. The decision of the ninth Supreme court Justice could go either way – we just have to wait and see.

Sources: Cnn.com

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