Fall and Fun– Welcome to the Harvest Festival!

      Saturday came with a cool breeze, leaves had begun to change and most of us could really feel the beginnings of autumn. Quite characteristically, during that same evening on October 20th, many gathered all together to celebrate the Harvest Festival hosted by the Students Activity Board. This event allowed us to get excited for the new chilly weather and all it has to bring to us, as we leave behind warm days of summer.

      For many of us the event brought back memories from back home. Some students recalled memories of when they were younger and back in their hometowns as they celebrated as a community together. Reminiscing on past Fall festivals, pumpkin patches and fond memories of the holiday season with family and friends, the students were able to appreciate what the Students Activity Board had brought to Eastern University to bring an even greater sense of home on that cool afternoon.

      Around thirty students got together to celebrate this new season that is upon us in the annual harvest festival. During this event, students were greeted by a petting zoo, with many different characters. There was an alpaca with a cheeky attitude to itself, along with very relaxed bunnies, friendly sheep, and animals galore. Another activity that was provided was pumpkin painting, which provided pumpkins and paint and each of the students brought their own creativity.

      Students painted pumpkins in a variety of ways, one had painted a pumpkin to look like a donut and put rainbow jimmies on top of it, while others went for a colorful look and painted the whole pumpkin a rainbow of colors! After painting pumpkins, students found themselves brought to an “apple bar” where you are given apple slices, caramel, your own choice of toppings and hot apple cider to wash the food down.

      Along with other games like jenga, frisbee and can jam, students were able to have loads of fun while gathering all together at a relaxed event. Hosting this kind of event allowed students to come together and created a bond with one another.

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