EU Offers Programs for Graduates

Passionate Eastern undergraduate students who plan to further their education in graduate school can continue enhancing their experience by joining a graduate program at Eastern.

Eastern offers various master’s degrees in multiple departments, including counseling psychology, education, theological and cultural anthropology, leadership and development, management studies, and urban studies. Here are a few insights into some of the master’s degrees at Eastern.

The counseling psychology program offers a master’s degree in counseling, counseling for applied behavior analysis certification, counseling for trauma studies, school counseling, and school psychology. Students interested in these master’s degrees can lessen the cost by applying for a graduate assistantship through filling out an Institutional Aid Application and submitting a resume, cover letter and writing sample. Also, there are opportunities to apply for graduate student employment through fellowships and grants.

The education graduate program provides master’s degrees on campus in multicultural education, special education and reading. Currently, there two online degrees offered: the first is school health services with concentrations in school health supervisor certification and school nurse certification; the second, TESOL, a program that trains students interested in teaching English to people from diverse cultural backgrounds nationally and globally. Students should be mindful to check if a program has specific certification or test requirements.

Theological and cultural Anthropology is a program that can be completed in 11 months and is 33 credits. Students could become anthropology professors, minister to people from diverse cultural backgrounds and assist in an international environment. The skills learned from this program include cultural awareness that allows students to create programs for people of different cultural backgrounds and cultural awareness to conduct research on a diverse population.

Leadership and development supply a masters degree in organizational leadership, economic development concentrated in international or urban areas, international development, and nonprofit management. Students can take courses in the US and in Africa. Programs seek to provide students with tools that will assist them in their decided field.

The management studies graduate program offers a master’s degree in health administration. It consists of courses focused on economics, medicine, government policies and social sciences. Health services management can be accomplished in 20 months with class only one night a week and it includes a research field project and chance to enhance critical thinking abilities.

There are three concentrations within the urban studies masters program: community arts (24 months) focuses on expanding knowledge of art; community development (2-3 years) is a holistic approach for urban communities; and youth development (2-3 years) is based on helping urban youth.

Students who desire to learn more about a particular field can contact the Campolo College of Graduate Studies at or visit

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