Eastern’s Esperanza College es Muy Excelente

On October 22, Esperanza College of Eastern University, formed in 2000, was selected as a finalist for the 2013 Examples of Excelencia Award. Excelencia in Education, the organization that gives the award, seeks to advance and promote the success of Latino students at the collegiate level. Excelencia in Education focuses on providing the means for success, as well as promoting practical actions and policies that help students reach their goals.

Esperanza College was founded by Eastern University and Esperanza, Inc. in order to meet the needs of the Hispanic community, who historically have been hindered by policies and practices that have made higher education difficult to obtain and maintain for Latinos. The Academic Dean of Esperanza, Dr. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, says, “Esperanza College seeks to provide members of the Hispanic and local communities a Christian faith-based education that is affordable and culturally appropriate so that they can continue their contributions to and leadership in their communities and become even more effective in their service.” This goal of Esperanza College is met through a few practices: financial aid, Christian professors and staff who can relate to the different cultures of students, and contextualization of courses.

Giving the students an education that is informed and shaped by the cultural and social experiences of the Hispanic community is especially important for the success of Esperanza College. The college’s hard work shows: 90% of the Spanish-language dominant students score 500 or above on their TOEFL exam, an admission requirement for non-native English speakers at English-speaking colleges and universities. In addition, 79% of Esperanza’s graduating students seek a bachelor’s degree after receiving their associate’s degree at Esperanza.

Dr. Conde-Frazier emphasizes the importance of teamwork at Esperanza. She states, “Esperanza staff and faculty work as a team to carry out the goals of achievement for the students. Students bring their hard work and sacrifice as they go to schools against the odds of poverty and hardships in their lives.” Dr. Conde-Frazier goes on to praise the work of Eastern University’s leadership, particularly former president of Eastern, Dr. David Black, and the newly appointed Executive Vice President of Marketing, Innovation, and New Ventures, Dr. Tom Ridington. She also praises the visionary of Esperanza College, Reverend Luis Cortes, CEO of Esperanza, Inc.

While the dedication and hard work of Esperanza College may not be praised everyday, becoming a finalist for the 2013 Examples in Excelencia Award means a lot to Dr. Conde-Frazier. She says, “Receiving this award means that the college is recognized nationwide for the hard work we carry out everyday.  It honors the work done thus far and challenges us towards greater excellence as we move forward.”



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