Eastern Ranked at the Top: Guide to Online School’s list of “Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania” ranks Eastern University’s online programs among the top!

Eastern University was recently ranked number 22 on Guide to Online School’s list of “Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania.” The web-based program was recognized for its asynchronicity, which allows students to work at their own pace. This is often seen as a benefit of online school because instead of adhering strictly to a syllabus, students have more wiggle room to pace out their assignments how they choose. They can even work ahead in order to give themselves more free time farther down the line.

The list also noted the usefulness of tools like Zoom and Skype, which offer students the option of speaking to their professor face-to-face, even while miles apart. While traditional students have the privilege of meeting with their professor in-person, either during class or office hours, online students often only get to communicate with professors through emails or other text-based web communication. By including Zoom and Skype in Eastern’s program, even online students can speak face-to-face with their professors.

Finally, Guide to Online Schools acknowledges that Eastern makes enrollment counselors available to assist students in adapting to the new, online environment. This can be helpful for students who are accustomed to more traditional classroom settings and need time to adjust.

Eastern also recently implemented the “FastPass” program, which allows students to take online summer classes for little to no additional charge for their tuition. Many students utilize this program to help them get through school faster or lighten their typical semester load. This program has proven itself popular on campus and could be a contributing factor in Eastern’s favorable rank on the list. Finally, Eastern’s average annual tuition of $17,490 compared to the mean income of $73,500 for alumni also earned Eastern its respectable place on the list.

Guide to Online Schools website states that their mission is to help students find the best online program for them based on criteria such as “degree, tuition, student recommendation rate, and military benefits, among other important attributes.” With these priorities, the group is able to narrow down some of the most important aspects of choosing a school, and deliver the information to students.

Many schools near Eastern also made the list, including Villanova coming in at number two and Cabrini at number 21. Villanova was recognized for their 80 fully online programs, specifically tailored to working professionals that range from certificate, all the way up to the doctoral level. Cabrini was honored for their custom learning system, aptly named CabriniLearn, as well as their vast assortment of programs.

One of the main data points used by Guide to Online Schools was the median income of alumni. Online graduates of the University of Pennsylvania, the highest ranking school on the list, make an average of $120,600. This is over six times as much money as their average $19,040 per year tuition. This financial aspect combined with their impressive programs is what put them on top.

With approximately 164 colleges in Pennsylvania, making the top 25 list of anything is rather impressive. Eastern’s online education program is ever-evolving and hopefully, ever-growing.

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