Eastern Community Mourns 2004 Alum’s Death

On Dec. 15 at 9:10 a.m., a 32 year-old female school teacher from Brownstown Elementary School was discovered by police officers murdered in her home in Lancaster, Pa.

A memorial service was held in Lancaster to mourn the loss of Mathewson. Over 800 individuals attended the service.
A memorial service was held in Lancaster to mourn the loss of Mathewson. Over 800 individuals attended the service. Julia Hatmaker | Creative Commons
The sixth grade school teacher, Nicole Mathewson, did not make it to school that Monday morning. The police went to her home located on the 700 block of North Franklin St. to inquire about her whereabouts. The authorities believe that the “multiple traumatic injuries” caused her death. The two alleged suspects in her murder are 16 year-old Marcus Rutter and 25 year-old Thomas Moore.

According to police reports, neither Rutter nor Moore knew Mathewson, and the motive was probably to steal Mathewson’s valuable belongings because police found Mathewson’s items from her house being possessed by Rutter. Also, various belongings were missing from Mathewson’s home, such as her car and her debit card.

Sources also claimed that the night of Dec. 15 Rutter was taken from his home by police, Rutter confessed to the police that he killed Mathewson. Rutter also told the authorities that there was another person involved in the murder, Thomas Moore, and he was arrested on Dec. 16. Moreover, Rutter admitted that he and Moore used violence while robbing Mathewson. Another claim made by Rutter was that Moore went to a convenience store and took out $500 from Mathewson’s account. The court decided to handle Rutter’s offenses of robbery and murder at the adult level, and Moore was sent to a federal prison.

According to the remarks about Mathewson that were broadcasted on the Lancaster’s district website, the Conestoga Valley superintendent Dr. Gerald Huesken wrote, “She was an excellent teacher … especially in the area of mathematics.” This 32 year-old school teacher, Mathewson, was also a graduate from Eastern. On Eastern’s Alumni Facebook page there was a note from President Duffett about Mathewson’s murder, which reads:

“Dear Community,
It has been brought to our attention that one of our 2004 alums, Nicole Mathewson was murdered early Monday morning. She was 32 years old. As an Eastern student she was a student chaplain, choir member and sang with the Angels of Harmony. She did attend Homecoming this past October to celebrate her 10th Reunion with her EU classmates. We are all deeply saddened by this and our hearts are broken during this time.
She was an examplary 6th grade teacher in Lancaster, PA. We rejoice in the success she had as a teacher. Please pray for her family during this extraordinary time of grief. May our precious Jesus surround her with love as He welcomes her into her heavenly home for Christmas.”

This note from President Duffett was tremendously acknowledged by the Eastern community, since it symbolized the remembrance of Mathewson during a tragic time. Mathewson’s memory will continue to live through the Eastern community.

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