Eastern Among Best Christian Colleges

In recent months, Eastern has been ranked in a few national lists of outstanding Christian colleges and universities based on aesthetics, academics, and various other qualities that make any institution of higher education attractive to prospective students.
The most recent list from College Choice named Eastern 34 out of 50 of the best Christian colleges or universities as of June of this year.
College Choice, an online tool for prospective students, is fueled by the inclusion of other religions the college has. There is also a judgement on student involvement in religion-related activities and groups, and a need for a college that is visually pleasing.
On the website, Eastern is accompanied by a painted picture of the back of Walton in the winter months. Even in this picture, the viewer can just see a glimpse of an institution that incorporates architecture from many years ago.
The website quoted President Duffett by stating,
“Our promise of integrating faith, reason, and justice is not just rhetoric; it’s something you will sense and feel.”
With the addition of this quote, the reader can see Eastern’s motto that is faith, reason, and justice, and understand the commitment that the institution has to spirituality.
With the implementation of marketing, advertising, and recruiting techniques, Eastern has a better chance to be featured on even more lists of top colleges across the globe.

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