Dr. R. Keith Iddings Named New Provost

On April 6th Eastern University announced Dr. R. Keith Iddings as the new provost.

Iddings says, “God has positioned Eastern in such a way that it can help lead Christian higher education through this period of uncertainty, and as provost I would be well positioned to help move this agenda forward through the various academic programs of the university.” Thus, his main goals as provost are making sure that Eastern continues to remain an institution that strives to handle the unknown, and a place that helps students become stewards that promote justice throughout their lives. Iddings will implement these goals with the aid of Eastern’s faculty, staff and students. He plans to use his previous  experience with several institutions in design and administration to expand Eastern’s academic programs according to God’s will.

Iddings has worked as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Wesleyan University,an institution located in Central, South Carolina. Other universities that Iddings has been involved in include Indiana Wesleyan University and Trinity International University as a faculty member, Associate Dean and Dean. He has twenty years of experience working at  these institutions where he was a professor in theology and business. Dr. John Sundquist, Eastern University board member, helped him receive his ordination in 1983 for becoming a minister at the American Baptist Church. Iddings has also been ordained at The Wesleyan Church located in South Carolina. Eastern University claims that Iddings gained more ministry experience from being “the Minister of Christian Education at Bethel Baptist Church in Bethel, Ohio for three years and a Missionary/Church Planter for OMS International in Manila, Philippines.”  

Iddings is aware of the challenges that can arise at a Christian university. Financial problems have been a recurring difficulty and, the competition between private and public institutions increase the likelihood of having unstable finances. Also, institutions have educational requirements from the government to meet that can cause more stress for students, faculty and administration. Another difficulty is Christian colleges have to find ways to solve the issue of religious growth  becoming less significant at Christian universities.

 Thus, there are particular values that Iddings has that will prompt his actions while handling these difficulties. He plans to advance God’s kingdom, love people, advocate for excellence, and be a  model of service.

Iddings says, “I believe, as provost, I would be well positioned to help move this agenda forward through the various academic programs of the university.” On July 1st he will step into his new position.

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