Doane Slated to Close 2016-2017

It’s that time of year again. Undergraduate students are finding their roommates for next year and deciding which residence halls to live in. Sparrowk, Hainer, and Kea-Guffin are common choices. However, Doane, a popular residence hall among students, will not be one of the options for next year’s students.

The administration of Eastern had to reconsider the low popularity of the picturesque residence hall. With all the scenery of Eastern’s campus at one’s fingertips, one would think that Doane would house a lot of students because of how big it is, but in actuality, it doesn’t. So other factors had to be considered. As Eastern is trying to find ways to save money, it was determined that financially, Doane would not be suitable as a residence hall for next year. Thus, Student Development decided to close its doors.

Dr. Bettie Ann Brigham, Vice Provost of Student Development, lived in Doane when she attended Eastern and remembers the flaws that it had. “That coupled with the fact that Doane is the most expensive residence hall to heat and light, as well as the oldest and the most difficult to maintain, made it logical to close it to residents, and by doing that to open the possibility for use of the building in ways that might enhance university revenue, allowing upgrades and income, or to not use it at all and save money.”

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