Around the World: Somalia; Inside the terrorist group that is wreaking havoc in Somalia.

       Islamic Jihadist groups such as ISIS and the Al-Qaeda have been known around the world to destroy the lives and homes of thousands of people.

      One such similar group that has been proven to be equally as dangerous, but has since flown under the radar of U.S. news, is the Al-Shabaab. The Al-Shabaab operate predominantly in Somalia, but have also attacked many other neighboring African countries.

      The group was founded over a decade ago, in 2006, as strictly the military force of an alliance of Sharia courts, called the ICU, in southern Somalia, who fought for control of the country. Its name can be translated from Arabic to “The Youth.”

      The Al-Shabaab have since then broken off from the ICU and have been responsible for brutal suicide bombings, as well as other egregious acts against their self-proclaimed enemies of Islam.

      The Al-Shabaab not only commit violent acts, but also make it overall extremely difficult to live in the city of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. The Al-Shabaab are recognized as a terrorist organization by the UK, the US, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE.

      The Al-Shabaab have been active for the past decade and new steps are being taken in order combat their forces. The U.S. has carried out dozens of airstrikes on Al-Shabaab camps, one recently in a camp near Shebeeley, Hiran.

      “Precision strikes are part of our strategy. Strikes continue to help our partners make progress in their fight against the transnational terrorists who oppose peace in Somalia and the region” Director of U.S. Africa Command Major General, Gregg Olson said.

      Terrorism still is a huge threat to the world and it affects the lives of many people directly. It is important for people to recognize that there are millions of people in Somalia who are not able to sleep peacefully at night. The lives of the people of Somalia will be constantly enveloped in fear until the Al-Shabaab are adequately dealt with.


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