Around the World: Mexico. Citizens fight for aid one year after a destructive earthquake.

      About one year ago, Mexico was hit with a cataclysmic earthquake. Despite a considerable amount of time passing, some areas in Mexico still remain in critical condition after the impact of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake. Many families who were affected by this natural disaster are still waiting on federal financial aid.

      Mayor Gloria Sánchez stated that 5,200 families affected by the earthquake never received federal financial aid. She claims that 280 million pesos (US $14.5 million) in additional housing funding was given by the Interior Secretariat but it does not suffice considering the massive amount of damage and devastation the earthquake caused.

      “We’re calling for the amount granted to each family to build a decent home to be increased, and for a comprehensive plan to be made for the reconstruction of Juchitán; one that considers housing, schools, businesses, public buildings and urban infrastructure,” Sánchez said. In the aftermath of the earthquake, citizens that sustained total damage were given personal aid in the form of cash and store-value bank cards. However, after waiting several months for this aid, victims discovered that their cards were faulty clones without funds. Some victims even gave their funds to construction companies in hopes that they would rebuild their homes but it was fraudulent.

      Mayor Sánchez told a newspaper that the municipal authorities have received over 200 complaints from residents who have experienced some type of construction fraud.

      “What happened is that a lot of people who were sleeping in the street were driven to despair and in these companies they saw a chance to have a home quickly. They never imagined that these men would disappear with their money.” Sánchez said.

      Residents tried to file complaints with a municipal judge, but they still haven’t been accepted because this kind of fraud is not considered a criminal offense.

      Source: Mexico News Daily

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