A Glimpse Into the 2022 Pennsylvania Primaries: Breaking down the candidates for each party of the upcoming election

By: Sarah Westmoreland

On the left is Dr. Oz, the Republican candidate for Senate in Pa. On the right is Democratic candidate John Fetterman.

This election promises to be a highly competitive and controversial one. A tight race is expected in Pennsylvania, for the positions of governor, representatives, and senators. But, the governor and senate seats are the most important to understand, especially for the welfare of Pennsylvania.

As the incumbent Pennsylvania governor has served his max term, the upcoming primaries will act to determine his replacement. The candidates for the primaries were as follows: Josh Shapiro, Doug Mastriano, Lou Barletta, Jake Corman, Joe Gale, Bill McSwain, Dave White and Nche Zama. Edging out on top in their respective parties, Shapiro and Mastriano will be the two on the ticket representing the Democratic and Republican seats. Each proposes opposing and very different policy changes from the current state administration. Shapiro is advocating “to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals” and to expand abortion access. The state budget would change under his administration to improve schools, especially in rural areas. He also intends to enact a bill to help “lower the cost of healthcare to make it more accessible.” Mastriano on the other hand, as the Republican candidate, advocates for “putting an end to the vaccination mandates” and “putting an end to public benefits for illegal immigrants.” A few budgeting fluctuations you could expect under a Mastriano administration include, but aren’t limited to, increased funding for law enforcement and for funding to move more prosecutors to high-crime areas in order for them to provide their services.

The upcoming senate race is also an important event for Pennsylvania voters to have on their radar.  The two candidates on the ticket for the upcoming general elections are John Fetterman, and Dr. Oz. Fetterman. As the Democratic candidate, Fetterman is running with progressive policies in mind including a four-point plan detailing policies such as cutting working-class taxes, lowering the cost of out-of-pocket healthcare services, ending unjust price gouging and encouraging the production of more American made goods. Oz, supported by former president Donald Trump, won the primary and will be the Republican on the ticket in November. Oz in his campaign is promising to advocate for accessible healthcare, the expansion of school choice, a curb on illegal immigration and honesty regarding the ‘reality’ of corporate America. 

It is worth noting that you will also be voting on your representatives for your respective district. For the Philadelphia districts, Brendan Boyle is trying to retain his seat in district two while Aaron Bashir, a Republican, is running against him for the same seat. In district three, you can expect Dwight Evans to maintain his seat, however, Christopher Hoeppner, a member of the Socialist Worker party, is running against him. 

You are encouraged to do your own research as well. The more you know about something, the more prepared you will be to see things for what they are and to best understand the choices in front of you. 

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