The Waltonian Guide to Having the Best Spring Break EVER

So you want to have the best spring break ever? I salute you, as my spring break will likely be filled with work because while money may be the root of all evil, it certainly makes Wawa trips a much more practical venture. Now I wish there was one step-by-step how-to guide I could give you for your spring break plan, but in the end it kind of varies depending on what kind of person you are. And since I don’t know you (though we go to a pretty small school, so odds are I probably do), I’ll toss out some ideas for several different personality types.

1. Personality: Life of the Party     Destination: The Beach

As the great philosopher Nicki Minaj once said, “Let’s go to the beach-each. Let’s go get away.” The funny thing about spring break is it doesn’t even take place in the springtime, but you can pretend it’s spring by heading to one of Pennsylvania’s warm weather counterparts for some crazy fun-in-the-sun. If you don’t feel like braving the large crowds at one of the larger destinations (frankly, I don’t blame you; I’ve heard horror stories), you can always swing by a lower key destination such as Myrtle Beach or the Outer Banks.

2. Personality: Workaholic     Destination: Home Office/Job

Some people just really enjoy work. And I respect that. Frankly, I hope one day I get to a point where I can enjoy a good day of work. At any rate, if you fear that the relaxation induced by time off from school might slow your workflow, why not get a huge jump on your second-half assignments? Or perhaps log some extra hours at your job? Or, I don’t know, write a novel? The possibilities are endless.

3. Personality: Homebody     Destination: Home…duh

Being away at college so often, we hardly get to see our families (outside of commuters and local yokels). So for spring break, why not spend some time with the people who matter most? Take your younger brother or sister to the movies, go to dinner with your parents, or catch up with some old high school friends. Just try not to get tired of everyone by the end of break and remember why you left for college in the first place.

4. Personality: Nature Lover/Tree Hugger     Destination: Hiking

Hit the mountain trails for some adventure and awesome Instagram material. I’ve heard of plenty of people who have had a great time hiking the Appalachian Trail—and any other famous trails I may be forgetting—over spring break with some friends. The exercise certainly won’t hurt either.

5. Personality: Adventurer     Destination: Car/Vehicle

What better way to spend 10 days away from Eastern than with a good old-fashioned road trip? Jump in the car with a friend, burn a ton of fossil fuels and check out some places you’ve never been to before. You could road trip to a tourist destination, check out a city you have always wanted to see, or just drive and take in the scenery. With gas prices being so low, there’s no better time for this one!

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