The Hub: A study room is now an open study space for Communication majors

By: Katherine Seeley

As a Communication major, having a place to work near my professors has always been an idea that I liked. It would allow me to ask them questions if they were in and give me an opportunity to talk to other Communication majors or minors. When I heard that the Comm department was going to redo the area outside of their offices, I was ecstatic. 

 In Andrews, the small building on the top of the hill across from the Registrar’s office lies the Communication Department along with the Chemistry, Language and English Departments. When you first walk in, you see the labs located on the first floor, but on the second floor of this building lies the Communication Department. There is a little area in between the Communication professors’ offices’ along with some of the science professors’ offices that have been redone to welcome students to study, do homework and congregate with each other. 

In this space, there are four mini whiteboards, a huge whiteboard, a round wooden table that has a few books and a plant in the middle with white chairs for students to sit at. On another wall, there are two brown comfortable chairs with a small table in the middle that holds copies of “The Waltonian” on it. They have put a nice area rug down that matches the table and chairs and a bulletin board in the small hallway of the room that houses all the concentrations a Communication major can choose from along with what classes to take in each concentration. 

There is another table pushed against the wall with three stools for students to sit at if all the other chairs are taken. Another great feature of this room are the many outlets found along the walls and on some of the tables. While this hub has been redone by the Communication Department, it is open to all students who would like to study or chat there. There are a few finishing touches that need to be added, like the bulletin boards being decorated and a clock being hung up, but the majority of the room has been finished and we invite you to come and use it. 

I have used it quite a bit since it has been done. Before, I would rarely see anyone there. Now, there are a lot of students who come and do work when they want a change of scenery from their usual homework spots. I like using this area because I feel more productive because of how aesthetically pleasing it looks and if I have a question regarding homework, my professors are right there for me to ask. It is a quiet place to study and I like going there when I need a different place to get things done other than the library and my dorm room. This is a great space that has been redone nicely and I think everyone should come and see how great it is.

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